Podcasts to follow for .NET developers

These are some of the podcasts that a .NET developer should follow –

  • Stackoverflow – A programming community exploit
  • HerdingCode – A Weekly podcast with K. Scott Allen, Kevin Dente, Scott Koon, and Jon Galloway.
  • Hanselminutes – Weekly audio show with web developer and technologist Scott Hanselman and hosted by Carl Franklin
  • CodeCast – The late night show for .NET developers
  • .NET Rocks! – The internet audio talk show for .NET developers
  • The ASP.NET Podcast – A Podcast by Wallace B. McClure, David Penton, and Paul Glavich
  • .Net Preacher Show – The Dot Net Preacher is about preaching the good word of .NET to the uneducated heathen masses and bringing them into the light of .NET to save their souls from the mortal dangers of PHP, J2EE, Ruby, Python and other false idols.
  • Channel9 – Channel9 podcast
  • Microsoft Podcasts – Microsoft Podcasts for Developers
  • Polymorphic Podcast – Craig Shoemaker’s periodic exploration of software and best practices for .NET developers

About Utkarsh Puranik

Software Engineer by Profession, Gamer by Nature, Techy by Attitude and a Good Person at Heart
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